What’s So Special with Natural Yeast?

Great question! After all yeast is yeast isn’t it? Well, actually not, and perhaps in a big way.

It is said that much of the commercially available bread today is made from synthetic yeast, fed sugars and other non-natural ingredients to help it grow. Natural yeast on the other hand is fed natural ingredients, free of processed sugars and is grown and nurtured over a longer period of time. Some claim that bread made of natural yeast slows down digestion as compared to bread made of synthetic yeast. There are also claims that, whole wheat bread made of natural yeast lowers the glycemic response as compared to whole wheat bread made of synthetic yeast. This is important especially in this day and age where constant consumption of foods high in the glycemic index is leading to obesity, heart disease and type two diabetes.

Our natural yeast bread is sold in our store in North Vancouver by the loaf or served by the slice in store. It is used in our popular Avocado Toast and our Pizza Toasts! Come taste a slice today!