Frozen Vegan Gluten Free Udon Broth


a traditionally-styled umami broth made simply from konbu. Now made gluten-free with organic tamari soy sauce

Ingredients: Konbu water (simply the umami flavour derived form soaking premium konbu in water), Tamari gluten-free soy sauce (water, organic soy beans, salt, aspergillus oryzae, bacterial culture), Mirin (water, glucose, rice, tapioca malt, salt), Salt, Nutritional yeast, Organic apple cider vinegar

Contains: Soy

To construct:
Defrost in the fridge or at room temperature. Empty contents into a pot and heat to boil. Add your favourite cooked noodles, add some veggies. Enjoy!



Prepared in a facility that uses nuts, soy, eggs and gluten

* Noodles & toppings sold separately

Goes well with: