Our Story


The Workshop Who are we?: We are a team of Chefs, Artisans, Bakers, Nutritionists, Educators, Personal Trainers and Outdoor Enthusiasts. Together, we bring passion and creativity, delivering delicious, wholesome, vegetarian food.






Where are you located?: We currently have a shop in NORTH VANCOUVER BC, where we serve signature ramen and udon noodle bowls, buddha bowls with rice and miso gravy, and smashed avocado toast on our organic natural yeast bread, and more! We also package our noodles, broths, gyozas, and more in frozen form and sell it at the shop as well as other markets across town.



Open Sep 2016

Our History: The original Workshop Vegetarian Cafe was established in the fall of 2016 on a cozy corner of Pemberton and 3rd Street with the mountains as our backdrop in North Vancouver. We opened a second location on East Hastings Street in 2018 and used the space to build our line of pre-packaged products such as vegan ramen noodles, udon noodles, gyoza, broths, baked goods and more! In mid 2020, we had the opportunity to build out a production facility right next door to our North Vancouver location so we decided to close the East Hastings location in October 2020. Our store front at 296 PEMBERTON AVE, North Van, is operating as a show room where customers can taste many of our packaged products and also act as a place to gauge interest in new vegan creations. We currently have our vegan broths, noodles, baked goods, gyozas and more in over 18 locations across town. 

Why do we do what we do? Well we can probably talk for hours on this topic but basically The Workshop was started by 4 individuals from diverse backgrounds that all became vegan/vegetarian for their own personal reasons, whether it was for their own health, their family's health, for the environment, and more. We all came to realize that the least we can do to stay healthy is to control our diet, exercise and simply do what we are all passionate about.