Vegan Soup Stocks with Konbu Workshop

Learn how to make various vegan soup stocks using konbu (kelp) in this workshop led by chef Oku and his team. Konbu is used to derive the umami flavour in many Japanese dishes, and contain different minerals that the body needs as well as offering countless health benefits.

Workshop Details:  
Sunday November 26th @ The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe
296 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver, B.C.
10:00-10:30 Reception
10:30-12:30 The workshop involving learning about what konbu is and how it can be used to prepare soup stock
13:00-14:30 Design your own one of a kind soup using garnishes provided and have a light lunch with the soup, some seasonal pickles, onigiri (rice ball) and dessert.

Workshop agenda:

Introduction to what “KONBU” is and what you need to make vegan “DASHI” stocks
3 types of stocks will be made
2.  KONBU + Dried mushrooms
3.  KONBU + Onions

How to use the stocks made above and make soup
We will make 3 types of soups
1. + Soy sauce + Mirin
2. + Chickpea Miso + Sunchoke
3. + Sake-kasu + Celeriace

Fee: $50 per person. Fee includes all workshop materials and a light lunch.

How to register: Tickets can be purchased from The Workshop during store hours or from the chefs. Limited tickets available. Cash only. Price do not include gratuity.

Registration deadline: November 21st

Cancellation policy and photo and video consent: No refunds provided. However, if you cannot make it, you can have someone else attend in your place. The event may be cancelled if minimum registration numbers cannot be attained. In such case, a full refund will be provided. This will be determined 4 days before the event. Note that pictures and videos will be taken at this event. By participating in this event, you are agreeing to allow The Workshop to use any footage from the event on any of our social media sites, website as well as future advertisements.